March 13, 2010

3 of my favorite headband tutorials

There are HUNDREDS of tutorials and ideas out there in the blogosphere on headbands. I feel little girls of America are going to be the best accessorized on their head than ever before! I wish I had such cute options when I was a little girl! I will just make some for my GROWN-UP self now so I can feel cute too!

But here are three of my favorite tutorials!

Elastic Fabric Headbands from Paige and Brooke
I love this one because of its simplicity... no frills, just a straight headband. There are endless possibilities with all the different fabric you could use...
one for each outfit??...hehe!

Felt Bow Headband from Calico
This is a great way to take old, ugly headbands you have on hand and cover them to make them SNAZZY! I love all the examples of easy things you can do to them!

Felt Peony Flower on Headband from Yoonie-at-Home
I espeically like the flower template on this post... it can be used for SOOOO many things, not just headbands. I actually have used these tutorial A LOT already! I have made multiple Baby headbands from it...just put the peony on a nylon headband versus the plastic one she uses.
(see pictures below)

I hope you love these tutorials too! If you have other great ones... please let me know! Also, if you have used these tutorials I would love to know how they worked for you.

Happy Hair!

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  1. Thanks for the link Amanda. Your blog is great! i love the monsters.

  2. I've made tons of the peony flowers from that same tute and they always come out so cute, I even like to alternate with 2 colors.


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