March 16, 2010

Mini Bunting Birthday Card VIDEO Tutorial.

So after breaking into the tutorial world with my first one... I realized they are pretty simple (as long as you plan ahead and think about it as you make the item). Well I was going to do a regular one but got lazy and didn't want to take a whole bunch of pictures of each step... in BAD lighting... so I pulled out my trusty FLIP camera and decided to give a VIDEO tutorial a whirl!

So first let me tell you where my inspiration came from... I stumbled upon this cute card on How about Orange a while ago... and it is my grandma's birthday tomorrow (yeah, she is a st. patty's girl!), so i had an opportunity to try it out!

So here is my tutorial... please pardon the shaky-ness, bad lighting, and overall AMATUER-ness of it all... but hopefully the things I am teaching come across.

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Let me know if you make one of these and if you found the tutorial helpful. Also I gladly welcome any constructive criticism so I can make the tutorials better!

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  1. Hi There! I am a couple days late but I wanted stop by from Marketing Mondays and let you know I am now a follower! Yay! I wish I had the time to craft. Hope You get a chance to swing by mine sometime. Have a Great Day!

  2. So cool! I love video tutorials and I feel confident I could make the card after watching. Sometimes when I read a tutorial I am still confused and am less likely to do the project.
    Bravo! (and also adorable card):)


Let me know if you were "inspired"!