March 13, 2010

Felt Monogrammed Key Chain Tutorial

The other day I was in Forever 21 shopping and near the register was this odd looking key chain.

Now I was in NO way intending to buy this bizarre item...but it got me thinking. I thought that I could use my felt and embroidery thread at home to make a similar thing. I do not want a alien bunny on my key chain, but I have always been drawn to monogrammed ones... so I came up with this idea!

All you need are some Felt (can just be scraps), embroidery thread, and sewing supplies (needle, pins, scissors, etc). After that you just need a plan for you key chain!
These are super simple... just:
  1. Cut out felt pieces. Make sure to have a front and back piece so you can be able to stuff it with batting for more volume.
  2. Stitch on monogram. I used a back stitch to create a straight line of thread, however you could just do a basic stitch (like I used on the outside of key chain- in white). I also at this point cut out a small strip of felt and created a loop with it and just discreetly sewed it on to one of the background pieces.
  3. Stitch two pieces of background felt together. Before finishing up outline, stuff with just a small amount of batting. (If you don't have batting, just use a cotton ball that you pull apart). With the end of the thread I just use a pen or scissors to tuck it inside the two pieces to hide it.

And TA-DA.... you have a new personalized key chain... no more silly rubber GIECO one!

You can continue to be creative with just small scraps of felt. I decided to make a LETTER one to go on our mail key. Let you CREATIVITY flow and have fun!

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  1. Amanda, you are too cute! I love the mail key!

  2. These are cute! I agree...the mail key chain is my favorite!!


Let me know if you were "inspired"!