May 11, 2010

Fun Fabric Cards and Card Idea Roundup!

So I had some birthdays and of course Mothers day these past few weeks and I wanted to make some cards. I love this Paisley fabric I have so I wanted to incorporate it somehow. So I came up with the idea to do a cut-away and put the fabric underneath it.

Here are two that I made:

On both of them I just...
  • found a clip art or font that I liked and printed it out for my template (I used a cupcake and "m" for the ones above)
  • folded a piece of paper into 4ths to make the card (like a traditional card you would fold).
  • on the bottom right quadrant I traced my template and then used my cool Fiskars fingertip craft knife (a cooler version of a exacto-knife) to cut out the template area
  • taped my fabric (or felt- like in the cupcake one) on part that would be underneath the template.
  • I just glued down the top half to the bottom so the fabric is covered (and you don't see the tape)
  • embellished the card with some dashes and print!

Here are some other great card ideas I have found on other blogs!
(all pictures from respective links)

1. Stamp With Diane- Money Holding Card
2. Make and Takes- Hand Stitched Card
3. The How-to Gal- Flower Pop-up Card
4. Inchmark- Silhouette Card

Now take these ideas and get INSPIRED and create come cute cards!

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